OpiSafe Announces Innovation Center to Address Ongoing Challenges of Opioid Epidemic

OpiSafe, a national leader in the development of platforms and services that address the country’s ongoing opioid epidemic, announces the opening of an innovation center designed to meet a wide variety of challenges associated with state and local opioid responses and the need for comprehensive frameworks for tackling substance use disorder and behavioral health at-large.

The National Opioid Response Laboratory is an initiative to advance the work that is already being conducted with a number of state and federal agencies. The laboratory will be housed in OpiSafe’s offices in the Catalyst HTI campus in Denver. Catalyst is a 180,000-square-foot industry integrator of health-tech startups and innovators.

It will be available to stakeholders from the public, non-profit and for-profit sectors. The laboratory’s advisors and subject matter experts include doctors, pharmacists, policy experts, and representation from government agencies, medical associations, technology providers and health systems.

“By bringing together the policy and subject matter experts and matching the existing needs with some of healthcare’s most innovative technology companies, we will see the development of new tools and services. We believe this level of innovation is necessary to be successful in creating changes in both acute and chronic prescribing settings,” said Chris Ennis, OpiSafe’s Chief Technology Officer.

He added, “Ultimately, solutions will come to the forefront that will have a broad impact over time, not just on reducing the risk of an opioid use disorder, but in improving access to treatment for a variety of addiction and behavioral health scenarios.”

With its proximity to other healthcare leaders in Catalyst HTI, more than 50 companies will have access to the laboratory, including MGMA and its thousands of small and large practice members.

“OpiSafe’s opioid response lab operating within Catalyst HTI gives the healthcare community here a great resource for expertise and collaboration on addressing our biggest healthcare emergency, opioid misuse,” said Mike Biselli, president of Catalyst HTI. “Guests who visit the lab will also have access to our entire community of healthcare innovators. Opening the door to those potential collaborations will help our community improve healthcare for everyone.”