OpiSafe Next

OpiSafe Next is the latest addition to the OpiSafe family of services. While OpiSafe Next is not a new product, it is a new way of utilizing OpiSafe for managing pain patients. We have taken the robust functionality within OpiSafe and applied it to the growing need for treating pain with alternatives to opioids. Pain prescribers can choose from a number of alternative therapies and proactively monitor for a patient’s current pain and the effectiveness of the therapy to treat the patient’s pain.

Pain prescribers can use a single platform to manage patients on opioids as well as those on alternative therapies. While the platform operates in a similar fashion for patients on either therapy track, patients in OpiSafe Next receive a custom assessment plan that is tailored to the specific alternative therapy.

How Do I Access OpiSafe Next?

OpiSafe Next is currently in closed beta and only available to a select group of practices who are participating on research studies on effectiveness of opioid alternative therapies.