RxAssurance contracts with three toxicology laboratories to bring results, time savings to physicians through OpiSafe

Denver, CO — RxAssurance’s OpiSafe platform continues to improve practice efficiency and clinical care. In April, practices using OpiSafe saved an average of 3.7 hours per business day or 74 hours per month. The comprehensive pain medication web and mobile platform, OpiSafe, was created to address the growing epidemic of prescribed opioid misuse and abuse.

In the latest development to help practices improve care while saving time, RxAssurance signed contracts with three toxicology laboratories focused on pain management.

“We are excited to announce these new contractual relationships that have the potential to represent a significant revenue opportunity for RxAssurance,” said Bob Goodman, Chief Executive Officer of RxAssurance. “We share many common strategic interests with labs when it comes to properly verifying patients’ use of opioids.”

The three laboratories are:

  •         Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions, Inc., (ACLS) a leader in next generation clinical drug testing
  •         B3 Diagnostic Laboratories, a leader in clinical laboratory testing
  •         Cordant Health Solutions, a specialty laboratory market leader

Doctors using OpiSafe currently can choose from 16 labs for toxicology reports and also have access to the state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) database of opioid prescriptions dispensed at retail pharmacies. The addition of three labs directly connected to OpiSafe will make it much easier for doctors to get a comprehensive view of their patients’ opioid use by using a single interface. In other words, doctors receive the whole picture as soon as the lab results are returned.

“OpiSafe analysis of both lab results and state PDMP data increases the value of the verification data the provider receives,” said Rob Valuck, PhD, Chief Strategy Office of RxAssurance. “In addition, our contracted labs improve the process for doctors ordering labs because prescribers will order labs based on the clinical need, as identified by OpiSafe.”

Doctors who don’t use OpiSafe must either search through faxes or electronic medical records to review lab results. Then, they must pair those results with state PDMP reports, obtained by queries of yet another separate computer system, to determine if their patient is doctor shopping or is filling their prescriptions as indicated. The process is inefficient at best. 

Patients will ultimately benefit from these agreements because they will be monitored more closely, be more aware of side effects through the variety of clinical assessments their doctor assigns them via the web-based patient platform, and thus have better outcomes.

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