First Responders

For first responder departments, OpiRescue HQ provides the first Overdose Response Platform for tracking their efforts to respond to emergent opioid issues in their jurisdiction. With integrated reporting that tracks important information about calls that require the use of Naloxone, officers can easily produce incident reports for their department reporting requirements. Reporting can be associated with Naloxone allocations through OpiRescue HQ’s naloxone supply management system. Departments and the agencies who assign Naloxone to them can better understand their inventory and usage. This level of inventory tracking helps ensure supplies are utilized in an efficient manner.

OpiRescue HQ also provides robust analytics that help departments better understand overdose events in their jurisdiction. These analytics also provide important data about overdose reversals reported by the public and various angel groups in the area. Departments get information about hotspots, types of drugs involved in an overdose event and the outcomes of the reversal.

Departments that have jail diversion programs in their jurisdiction can utilize OpiRescue’s treatment referral network to rapidly find the right treatment option for an overdose subject. This network integrates into crisis hotlines and harm reduction networks as well as the OpiSafe Network for Medication Assisted Treatment.