Government Agencies

OpiRescue HQ can seamlessly integrate into agency level programs including those provided by State Innovation Models (SIM), Departments of Public Health, Medicaid, Attorney General Offices and many others. OpiRescue HQ is an ideal solution for agencies looking to tracking overdose events or their distributions of Naloxone to other agencies and departments in their jurisdiction.

Working directly with government agencies to define the tools necessary to manage response, OpiRescue HQ incorporates these areas of need into an easy to use web-based system. Government agencies are then able to adopt a single platform that fits every downstream organization from public health departments, first responders, harm reduction agencies, even libraries and the general public.

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Our OpiRescue product team works with many different government agencies to promote the education and distribution of Naloxone as a lifesaving tool for opioid overdose events. Please reach out for a full demonstration of our OpiRescue HQ capabilities.