Healthcare Providers

The OpiSafe platform is designed to automate critical tasks that healthcare providers often don’t have the time to fit into their existing clinical workflow. OpiSafe practices utilize OpiSafe to query state PDMPs, analyze urinalysis and pharmacogenomic test results, collect patient reported outcomes and track aberrancies. The clinical components that OpiSafe automatically perform for practices count for the majority of measures required for most opioid prescribing guidelines including CDC Guidelines for Opioid Prescribing for Chronic Pain.

Clinical Best Practices

The majority of U.S. states require prescribers consult with their state prescription drug monitoring program database or PDMP before prescribing an opioid. CMS now offers incentives for practices that consult the PDMP before prescribing an opioid. They have also approved incentives for adhering to CDC guidelines when prescribing an opioid for pain. Most insurers have now approved reimbursements for pain, risk and mental health assessments that are completed in office and remotely. These regulatory requirements and reimbursement incentives bring new value to your practice. To meet these requirements and claim additional incentives, OpiSafe practices can install the platform into their existing workflow in minutes and immediately activate standards that would take many hours to collect manually.

OpiSafe Network

More than 700 pain prescribing practices and 300 addiction prescribing practices currently use OpiSafe as their platform for opioid prescribing standard. Each of these practices has access to the OpiSafe Network, a collaborative that connects pain prescribers to addiction prescribers and behavioral health counselors. The network can identify high risk patients and initiate communication to existing providers to explore best available options for patient care. The network connects to hub and spoke and education-centered networks as well, bringing together groups with demand and groups with capacity to guarantee that medical necessity can be met when a patient needs treatment.

EHR Integration

OpiSafe currently integrates in a number of EHR systems including Epic, AllScripts and AthenaHealth. EHR integration can often be expensive and cumbersome. OpiSafe’s robust interoperability APIs can integrate into any HL7, FHIR or proprietary EHR service with minimal cost and time spent. Your organization can utilize OpiSafe’s integration team to build your OpiSafe EHR integration or license the OpiSafe Interoperability APIs to build your own custom integration.