Public Health Departments

OpiSafe works directly with public health departments to better understand the impact of opioid addiction on their communities, tracking the use of Naloxone and the response of local agencies and the public to opioid overdoses in the area. Public health departments use the tools available in the OpiRescue platform to track overdose reversals and Naloxone supplies and connect people in their area to important treatment options and Opioid Use Disorder resources.

Anyone in your jurisdiction can access OpiRescue on the web or on Android and iPhone at no cost. OpiRescue HQ, the enterprise Overdose Response Management platform for your department or agency, is available by subscription only. OpiRescue HQ may be available free to your department through local and federal grant programs. OpiSafe works with local, state and federal programs to provide discounted and free access to all OpiSafe platforms. Some of these programs may require participation in a research study program.