All-In-One Support for Opioid Prescribers

OpiSafe is the best way to prescribe and monitor opioids. Our solution performs risk stratification for each patient on the basis of Morphine Equivalent dosing ranges, Pain and Function scores, Opioid Misuse Risk scores and automated PDMP checks.

In addition to saving time and creating peace of mind, using OpiSafe may also qualify you for savings on your Malpractice Insurance.

OpiSafe merges PDMP, toxicology lab, and patient reported outcomes information into a clinical decision support dashboard for prescribers and integrates into major EHR systems within the clinical workflow to save valuable time previously spent on many administrative tasks and functions.

Best Practices. For Your Practice.

Assess Pain, Function & Risk

Comorbidity Tracking

Automated PDMP Checking

Manage Lab Results

Increase Reimbursements

OpiSafe for Pain & Addiction

Thousands of providers that prescribe opioids for pain or addiction use OpiSafe to effectively access misuse risk, monitor patient fill history, track urinalysis, report any observed aberrancies and proactively respond to patient risk events before they happen. Practices can seamlessly integrate OpiSafe into their existing clinical workflow and meet requirements for consulting state PDMPs, administration of patient/prescriber opioid agreements, guideline adherence, interpretation of toxicology results and more. With EHR integration, OpiSafe can proactively survey your clinical records for aberrancies and risk events, creating additional efficiency gains beyond the OpiSafe platform.

Instant Benefits

  • Check PDMP reports in seconds, not minutes
    The typical pain practice can reduce time spent querying patient PDMP reports from 3.5 minutes to 30 seconds. Use of OpiSafe’s Daily Queue can reduce this time well below 30 seconds.
  • PDMP and Toxicology On One Screen
    OpiSafe practices receive the results from a patient’s PDMP and urinalysis reports on a single screen. OpiSafe subscribers can configure cross analysis of the two forms for confirmation to generate a complete confirmation summary.
  • CDC Guideline Adherence
    Meet the majority of CDC Guideline requirements automatically through OpiSafe’s automation and patient management
  • QPP Reporting
    Automatically generate reporting requirements for consulting a state PDMP before prescribing opioids and adherence to CDC Guidelines
  • Discounts on Medical Liability Insurance
    OpiSafe works with medical liability insurers to provide discounts and incentives for use of OpiSafe in opioid prescribing practices.
  • Insurance Reimbursement Supporting Reports
    Generate instant reports that document PDMP efficacy, toxicology administration, patient/provider agreement and assessments collected. These reports have been shown to reduce claims inquiries and rejections.

How to Get Started

In a matter of days, we are confident that your practice will view OpiSafe as an indispensable component of your clinical workflow. You can select OpiSafe from your EHR’s Marketplace, or contact Opisafe EHR Support for more details.

OpiSafe has become an integral part of our practice. The ability to check the state’s PDMP in seconds and manage agreements digitally has saved our staff hundreds of hours.

Jan Gillespie-Wagner, MD