Chris Ennis
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Chris serves as the principal architect and leads the engineering and product development functions at OpiSafe.

He is a serial entrepreneur that has built numerous healthcare platforms over the past 23 years. They include MercuryManager, one of the first web-based behavioral health EHRs and SoberCircle, a groundbreaking social network for people in recovery or suffering from substance use disorder.

Chris is passionate about changing behavioral health for the better. Through his past work with Foundations Associates, SoberCircle and OneRecovery, he gained a deep understanding of the unique challenges found within behavioral health and how they could be addressed through elegantly designed cloud-based systems.

Chris is an alumna of and mentor to TechStars, a leading international technology accelerator. He also serves as an adviser to several start-ups specializing in healthcare, finance and tech.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys traveling with his wife Jessica and two sons, Reed and Dean, and cheering on his hometown’s hockey team the Nashville Predators.