Colin Benjamin, JD
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Colin coordinates and develops strategic alliances with states agencies, health care providers, health IT developers, HIEs, and health care systems to enable them to reap the benefits of OpiSafe’s unique platform.

He previously spent nearly a decade in state government, first as the General Counsel and Director of Vermont’s Office of Professional Regulation, and then as Deputy Director of Colorado’s Division of Professions and Occupations.

In both Vermont and Colorado, Colin oversaw consumer protection through the regulation of more than 50 professions, including the prescribing professions and their opioid prescribing policies, at all times seeking opportunities to minimize regulatory burdens through informed policymaking that promoted consumer protection and public health while valuing economic liberty, mobility, and fair competition.

While serving as the Director of Vermont’s Office of Professional Regulation, Colin managed the design and development of an enterprise professional regulation platform that delivered breakthrough business process management for state government and mobile licensing functionality for professionals and their related businesses.

Prior to his work in professional regulation, Colin practiced law for almost two decades in the private sector, with a focus on general civil litigation and appellate advocacy.

When not spreading the good news about OpiSafe, Colin enjoys playing and recording original music, getting in a round of golf, and spending as much time as possible with his family in Denver.