OpiSafe Network

More than 700 pain prescribing practices and 300 addiction prescribing practices currently use OpiSafe as their platform for opioid prescribing standards. Each of these practices has access to the OpiSafe Network, a collaborative that connects pain prescribers to addiction prescribers and behavioral health counselors. The network can identify high risk patients and initiate communication to existing providers to explore best available options for patient care. The network connects to hub and spoke and education-centered networks as well, bringing together groups with demand and groups with capacity to guarantee that medical necessity can be met when a patient needs treatment.

The network also connects to public health and first responder departments who utilize OpiRescue for their overdose response platform. These departments can refer overdose subjects into treatment based on the availability of MAT prescribers within the OpiSafe Network.

MAT providers can manage their capacity for new patients, insurances they can accept and more within OpiSafe. OpiSafe Network then matches potential patients to providers based on location, insurance and other ideal patient characteristics defined by the MAT provider.

OpiSafe Network includes e-consult and education features that support the MAT prescriber.